Reference Stallions

Reference Sires are stallions are we have owned and bred with in the past where their foals have been retained by our stud to breed with when they have reached maturity. In the past, we have owned several very extraordinary stallions and although some foals have not been kept back to breed with, they have all made an impact, in some way, to build our stud to what it is today! Most of our stallions that we have sold have been gelded, where they can enjoy a life with their new owners and assured that they do not go from home to home and are not bred to anything and everything once they have left. Those that have purchased stallions from us, have been breeders that have the same goals as us by breeding quality stock and increasing our gene pool in South Africa, Botswana and Namibia. The stallions are listed from the most recent to the oldest:

Lulus Jetstream

Lulus Jetstream is a gentle, impeccably and proudly bred South Africa Appaloosa. With a strongly bred leopard line on his sire's side and a strongly bred blanket line on his dam's side, we expect a variety of well marked wells from him. "Jet" should be homozygous and will produce 100% Appaloosa Characteristics** on Appaloosa mares as well as all other breeds. Lulus Jetstream is one of the very few South African Appaloosas that offers a 5 generation Appaloosa to Appaloosa breeding pedigree. 

** Appaloosa Characteristics - Breeders fail to mention that being 100% homozygous does not mean that you will definitely get a coat pattern. The coat pattern is only one of the four Appaloosa characteristics, the other's being, mottled/partly coloured skin, stripped hooves and white sclera. It is a known fact that 100% homozygous Appaloosa stallions/mares have produced foals that were born solid (no coat pattern) but did have the other characteristics as mentioned above and if they had a roaning gene present, they would roan with or without spots. With these characteristics, other than the coat pattern, there is a strong possibility of the foal roaning out and even possibly developing a coat pattern, be it roaning with spots or without. Remember, Appaloosa's with a roaning gene can roan throughout their lives or with seasonal coat shedding. There is a large amount of information available on the internet with regards to homozygousity of the Appaloosa Breed, please be sure to read up about this, so that you are not fooled into making the incorrect decision.

Lulus Jetstream is sired by the 16hh black leopard, Starlight Triumphant, who is a grandson of Waps Pajamas (Imp. USA). Waps Pajamas (Imp. USA) in his time at stud, produced several award winning Appaloosas including 2007 Champion, Alpha Wap's Alabama and 2007 Western Champion, Alpha Wap's Drama Queen. Waps Pajamas (Imp. USA), himself, was the 2009 Supreme Champion Appaloosa Stallion at the Horse of the Year show. Waps Pajamas (Imp. USA) is a direct son of Wap Spotted, a horse renowned for his progeny worldwide. Waps Pajamas (Imp. USA)'s dam's side is just as intriguing with the likes of 1988 ApHC Hall of Fame sire, Joker B and double bred on the maternal side to Prince Plaudit who was also awarded 1988 ApHC Hall of Fame against many other accolades.

Lulus Jetstream is out of the 15.3hh black fewspot leopard, Starlight Twilight Time. Starlight Twilight Time is sired by Jaydee Sambuca, who in turn is sired by the magnificent black spotted blanket, Arrow-Head Daydreamer AKA Shoshone Day Dreamer.



Starlight Triumphant

This particular stallion served us well and we are ever so grateful that we purchased him and used him for one season. We have 3 very well conformed foals that we have kept back from him, one colt being Lulus Jetstream and two fillies, Lulus Celebrity and Lulus Infinity. Triumphant has certainly left a legacy at our stud, whilst his dad, Kaloosa Triumph was the reason for our first stallion prospect exported to Namibia, namely Lulus Just Sublime. Starlight Triumphant was gelded in April 2014 and now stands along side his sire, Kaloosa Triumph (also gelded) at the very beautiful Silver Mist Stables in Franschoek, owned by Gavin and Caroline McGrath.


Lulus Tiger’s Eye

Our first homebred stallion that we used in our breeding program because of his amazing conformation and exceptional pedigree. Tiger, as he is affectionately known to us is sired by the 2008 Summer Show All Breed Champion, Nightingales San Domingo, who prior to his untimely death, produced a long list of champions, such as Kiowa Sahara, Kiowa Gobi Dawn and more recently, Nightingales Ultimate Applause. Nightingales San Domingo, is also the sire of Kiowa Santana, who can be viewed further down on this page. Tiger is out of Nightingale Solitaire, a pitch black 15.2hh App B mare, who is sired by 2005 Appaloosa Reserve Sport Horse Champion, Robberts Juweel. Solitaire had the knack to knock colour onto everything she bred and was always a pleasure to own. Tiger’s foal at our stud that is retained is Lulus Tiger’s Sunstone.