Equine Diseases / Genetic Disorders

How we all love our horses and worry when they fall ill.

We have created this page for viewers to educate them on certain viruses and diseases of our Equine Family Members. With some research and help from others, we have also acquired some personal experiences by breeders/owners around the world as well as local breeders/owners in South Africa.

In many cases, one loses a horse, which is assumed to have succumbed to a “virus” – this virus has no name and we are left with a variety of questions that need answering.

We, at Lulus Appaloosa Stud, were unfortunate to have such an experience, which even had the professors at Onderstepoort baffled. After two long weeks and many sleepless nights, we decided that it was best to have one of our very special horses euthanized and sent organs away for further tests. Still to this day, we have absolutely no idea on what happened, why and how it happened either.

We certainly hope that you find this page not only educational but also to refer back later should you find yourself or your horse in a similar situation.

Rest in peace Lulus Quicksilver


Here are some genetic diseases which CAN be found in Appaloosas - remember that when purchasing, you request certification from the breeder as to whether they are n/n (negative). n/n horses, when bred, are not homozygous for the genetic defect and therefore cannot pass it on.

One such Genetic Disease that has reared it's head and made breeders around the world cringe is PSSM.

Here is a website that explains the genetic disease - please do make yourself familiar with it: http://www.cvm.umn.edu/umec/lab/PSSM/home.html