Our Mares


Although we only stand a couple of mares at stud, we treasure each and every one, knowing full well that whilst they are baby bearers, they also contribute 50% of their genes to the resulting foals and therefore we have chosen mares with super conformation, gentle dispositions and amazing pedigrees.

In specific order, here are the girls of the stud:

Sire: Alpha Wap's Go Lightly

Dam: Middlepoint Dandy's Sunrise

AHBSSA Reg No: AHB 06/205 SP

DOB: 19 Oct 2006

Height: 15.1hh

Colour Testing (Animal Genetics US): n/a

Our dearest "Hoppy", known by this because of an injury she has to one of her front legs, which renders her unfit as a riding horse, but makes a super and caring mom. "Hoppy" is one our absolute favourites in our small, yet elite, broodmare band.

Her kind, docile nature makes her a must have for my breeding program, a mare that if given the chance, would sit on your lap for love and attention.

Her pedigree is amazing with the likes of Deckers Red Eagle Appaloosa import, Drea Eagle's Dandy - you will find this sire in most of our mare/filly pedigrees. Drea Eagle's Dandy had a massive impact on the Appaloosa in South Africa with many supreme champions in hand and under saddle.

"Hoppy" also boasts the pedigree of Wap Pajamas, another import who had impact on the South African Appaloosa, with his foals excelling not only in the show ring, but also in endurance. Wap Pajamas is sired by the World Renowned Appaloosa Sport Horse, Wap Spotted.

"Hoppy" was sadly laid to rest on the 28 December 2022 with her unborn foal due to a broken fetlock. 

She was buried next to her own mother, Middlepoint Dandy's Sunrise, who was also laid to rest on our farm. Their legacies will live on through their foals. 

Sire: Lulus Jetstream

Dam: Middlepoint Lightly Sunrise (AKA Hoppy)

AHBSSA Reg No: AHB 19/001 SP

DOB: 16 February 2019

Height: 15.2hh

Colour Testing (Animal Genetics US): n/a


A Breeding that we were told never to do, yet did it anyway and 3 times at that, which all resulted is fillies, one spotted and two fewspots, the spotted being our darling, Lulus Sunset Boulevard. 

This mare just has it all, she got the best from her parents and has proven this time and time again with her amazing, placid disposition. 

Since her mom left us, Boulevard has taken over the role of the matriach of the stud and her vocal comments at breakfast and dinner time sounds exactly the same as her mom - if I knew that Hoppy was still out there somewhere, I would have sworn it was her calling. 


Boulevard is tall, elegant and absolute eye-candy when it comes to exotic coat patterns. Besides her nature, her conformation is flawless and she has proven to produce even better than herself, if this is at all possible. 


Boulevard has had her first foal, Lulus Sunrise Serenade, who can be viewed further down this page under Upcoming Fillies. 









Our Upcoming Fillies


Our young ladies of the stud, growing up and enjoying the life until they are brought into the breeding program. Our growing stock is just as important to us as our broodmares and we take great pride, no short cuts are taken as this is the most important phase of their lives, from foals to breeding age.



Sire: Chelhan Wap's Balboa 

Dam: Lulus Sunset Boulevard

AHBSSA Reg No: Pending (SP)

DOB: 12 February 2023

Height: 15.2hh++  - still growing

Colour Testing (Animal Genetics US): n/a


This beautiful filly was baked to perfection. She has it all from the looks to the most delightful disposition. So easy on the halter, stands tied, backs up and comes when called. 


"Sera" as she is affectionately known by all on the farm has filled the gap when we lost her grandmother, Middlepoint Lightly Sunrise, in December 2022, with her unborn from from the same sire as "Sera". We hope that "Sera" can fill that gaping wound that our Hops left. 




Sire: Caprica Waptastic Picasso

Dam: Two Moons Eagle's Romanita

AHBSSA Reg No: AHB 19/100 SP

DOB: 12 Sepetmber 2019

Height: 15.0hh

Colour Testing (Animal Genetics US): n/a


The search started in 2021 already looking for a mare that we could use on our stallion, Rockstar, by adding some Drea Eagle Dandy (USA) lines. Nakita was on the cards as a possible candidate and as fortune would have it, it happened! 


Nakita offers very correct conformation, her nature is kind and gentle. She has the most adoring, doll-like face. 


Nakita adds some older lines but some truly amazing lines in one package, which is exactly what we needed for Rockstar. The breeding has been done and we truly hope that the resulting foal will be exactly what we ordered and hopefully a colt so that we can use him back on our mares later. 




Sire: Wap Spotted (USA)

Dam: Lulus Rain Queen

AHBSSA Reg No: AHB 09/118 SP

DOB: 1 October 2009

Height: 15.1hh

Colour Testing (Animal Genetics US): n/a


Wap Spotted (USA) is renowned world wide for his progeny. South Africa managed to get a taste of Wap Spotted through imported semen and two foals imported into South Africa, namely Waps Pajamas and Waps Kaleidoquilt by Alpha Appaloosa Stud. Out of the seven Wap Spotted direct progeny in Africa, we own one of them. 


We were lucky enough to purchase some of Wap Spotted semen from a breeder and got two mares successfully in foal at their first 16 day scan. Unfortunately, on the 2nd scan, the one mare had lost of pregnancy, but Rain Queen maintained. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to sell Rain Queen in foal to Wap Spotted. North Ridge Stud were the lucky new owners and a few months later, North Ridge Wap's Stardust was born. 


We managed to purchase North Ridge Wap's Stardust back for short stint, whilst we owned Totem Fantastic Wap (Belg.), she produced our first TFW foal, Lulus Wap's Trademark, who was sold to Namibia. Thereafter, Dusty was resold and after a few years has eventually returned back to our stud to continue the Wap Spotted legacy. 


"Dusty" is currently in foal to Lulus Tiger's Rockstar due towards the end of January 2024.