Our Foals


    Only our latest foals have a main section on this page, with our foals since 2005 pictured futher down below. Just as the mare is proud of her newborn, we feel exactly the same and share her love towards each foal bred by ourselves. Every foal is halter trained from day 1 and human interaction with the foals is of utmost importance to us. One will not find an unfriendly foal at Lulus Appaloosa Stud.

    We have created templates of oUr previous foals, and only the latest foal with all the info and breedings. Starting in 2006, was when we were blessed with our first Appaloosa Foals:

    2020 FOALS


    On the 16th February 2020, we were graced with one of our most beautiful foals yet, LULUS WAP'S SUPREME FORCE.

    This handsome and beautiful colt has all the attributes which we have wished for to use as an upcoming breeding stalliion. He will NOT BE OFFERED FOR SALE and will later, stand along side our other herd sires.

    Sired by Totem Fantastic Wap (Imp. Belg), out of Middlepoint Lightly Sunrise, we have managed to combine the bloodlines sort after both in the US and Europe which has created formiddable sport horses over the years. We pride ourselves in adding PURE APPALOOSA genetics, by using Drea Eagle Dandy (USA) based daughers and granddaughters - this breeding was by no means different. Doubling up on the Wap Spot lines from both the sire and dam side, we have added the "Dandy" lines from the dam line as well.

    In time, we shall do the colour testing of "Steve" as he is affectionately known, but until then, he is able to grow up, be a horse and get much needed TLC from myself.