Lulus Jetsteam - Stallion At Stud
2014 Dark Bay Fewspot Leopard
Sired by Starlight Triumphant, Out of Starlight Twilight Time
 Lulus Tiger's Eye - Stallion At Stud
2008 Chestnut Near leopard
Sired by Nightingales San Domingo, out of Nightingales Solitaire
 Stallions At Stud
Lulus Jetstream & Lulus Tiger's Eyes playing
 Lulus Wap's Moulin Rouge (Retained)
2017 Filly
Sired by Totem Fantastic Wap (Imp. Belg.)
Out of Perdeberg Eagle's Courtesan
 Lulus Sunset Boulevard (Retained)
2019 Filly
Sired by Lulus Jetstream
Out of Middlepoint Lightly Sunrise

Last updated: 9 Aug 2019

Another 30 odd days before our foals arrive.. ....



Situated just outside Moorreesburg, Western Cape, along the banks of the Great Berg River is where you’ll find Lulus Appaloosa Stud. 

The Stud is owned and run by myself, Mandy and my dear husband, Kobus. After years of searching for a horse that could withstand our extreme temperatures as well as rough and rocky terrain, we fell in love with the Appaloosa Breed after visiting the Shaman Appaloosa Stud in Clanwilliam.

We acquired our first two Appaloosa’s in 2005, thus our first crop arrived in 2006, all with colour and the typical docile temperament of the Appaloosa. From then on, we caught a serious bout of “Appaloosa Fever” and it was all systems go, dragging my poor husband across the country side, purchasing from various breeders and an array of different bloodlines. One can never get too much of a good thing.

Although we do not keep a lot of Appaloosa’s, we are continuously striving towards better bloodlines, breeding stock and only the best conformation and dispositions. By keeping the stud and amount of foals born annually low, we can breed selectively and not flood the market with unwanted horses as so many breeders do.

All our horses are fed throughout the year to maintain good condition and to keep our mares in tip-top shape for the growing foals in their bellies. Extra supplements are fed during out dry summer months. During the winter months, the horses are grazed on a variety of grasses, including oats and medics.

Our mares are stabled during the winter months at night and in the summer, because of extreme heat conditions, stay in the stables during the day and go out in the late afternoons. Our mares are attended to regularly by our local vet, to ensure that pregnancies are going well and are also checked for possible twins.

Foaling at Lulus is an exciting event, not only for Kobus and I, but the whole family. All foaling is supervised by ourselves with the vet on standby, should there be any complications.

Our foals are handled just after birth, taught to pick up their little hooves, stand, lead and are de-wormed on a regular basis to ensure they get the best start to their lives as well as being healthy and growing to their full potential.


All studs have a basic ‘breeding criteria” for their broodmares and stallions, our stud is no different. Our very first and most important point when selecting stock is the animals’ conformation. Our next point is temperament, then pedigree and lastly their colour.

Breeding of any animal is not just throwing the male with the female and awaiting the resulting progeny. We do intensive research of each individual mare to make sure that she is not only compatible with the stallion, but that the resulting foal will be an improvement to both sire and dam.

All horses owned, purchased or bred at Lulus Appaloosa Stud are Studbook Propers (F4), meaning that they are purebred Appaloosas. WE DO NOT OUT CROSS TO ANY OTHER BREED.

All our horses and foals are registered with the Appaloosa Horse Breeders Society of South Africa (AHBSSA) and SA Studbook.



Our aim at Lulus is to produce SUPERIOR foals that can and will excel in all disaplines, for children to adults in the show ring and out. Another of our aims is to promote the breed, thus we are open for any questions you have about our horses and the Appaloosa Breed in general.

Our goal, although long term, is to eventually breed solely from our own home-bred stock. We have successfully bred with one of our homebred stallions, namely Lulus Tiger's Eye and currently have 3 replacement homebred fillies who display all the correct attributes that we seek in our breeding stock…           

We sincerely hope you have enjoyed visiting our New and Improved website. Please remember that we are updating the information on a regular basis to come back and visit soon.

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Visitors are always welcome, should you wish to set up an appointment to view the animals, kindly contact Mandy 082 398 5400 or email direct:

We are Registered Breeding Member's of:


SA Studbook -  0568671 ALH


Appaloosa Horse Breeders Society of South Africa: 263